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About me

Hi. I’m Bruno, the founder and CEO of Playgig, a new game studio. Join me on my entrepreneurship journey!

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Here are some quick facts about me

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What got you into the gaming industry?

I grew up playing games but like many gamers, I didn’t know much about the industry and how to make it a viable career. Then I was invited to join Riot Games in the early days of League of Legends back in 2011.

What are your principles when it comes to leading a team at a startup company?

I strongly believe that diversity enriches the output of our work. We need different points of view and a culture that celebrate these differences because in the end it will elevate the business results.

What made you want to start Playgig? What was the inspiration behind it?

I wanted to create a new and unique game studio. A place where it is safe to express your creativity and realize your full potential.

What is the next big project for you?

I’m focused on building Playgig’s first game and can’t wait to start playing the game with the gaming community sometime next year. After that we’ll look into expanding our original IP into more games, as well as movies and real world products in the future

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At Playgig , the team and I are super excited to be working on our first game. This game is a cross-platform, free-to-play team battle game that lays the foundation for a multimedia universe of future games and media expressions.

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About my time at Riot Games

Prior to founding Playgig, I led global publishing and esports at Riot Games, where I pioneered the games as a service model.

I helped grow the League of Legends audience to over 100 million active players globally.
Read about my time at Riot games
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